In 1964, six cooperatives merged to create the SODIMA. A year later, by contracting the names of two of these cooperatives, YOLA and COPLAIT, they founded the YOPLAIT company.

Anecdotally, the 5 petals and the tail of the "small flower" of Yoplait represent these cooperatives.


The series of monuments is constituted by 48 parts. YOLA and the name of the site is engraved on the back. This series was made before 1964.

Often named wrongly 'the series of the monuments of the world', it represents in fact the monuments in Europe. As every collections of great fragility, these parts are rather rare to find intact and it is a real challenge for all collectors.

Opposite, a very rare advertising of the brand YOLA, without any link with the collection, for the sake of our eyes.

European monuments