Luigi Zaini opens his first factory of chocolate, candies, jams, etc. in 1913. The creative resources connected with the packaging are always very studied and with current tastes, especially those concerning figurines. The paper covering eggs is always magnificent.

The first known series of figurines, a date of 1993. Zaini bases himself especially on figurines Disney and always with an originality to differentiate them other brands. Series of Winnie the Pooh are often proposed at Zaini, while little somewhere else.
Besides Disney, the brand produces series which pass on Disney Channel, as well as certain "Pixar".

It is also the opportunity(occasion) to discover the figurines of the Italian comic strip " Diabolik ", as well as Scoo-Bidoo, Tom and Jerry and more, which will know how to make your shop windows of one thousand shine colors...

Thank you Mister Zaini
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Made in Italy !