With this mask which covered him a tenth of the face, which would have been able to guess that Don Diego de la Vega and Zorro made only one !
Zorro is a fictional character created in 1919 by johnston McCulley. It is in 1965 when will be broadcasted the television series, with Guy William in the role of the upholder of the law.

The problem which settles at Maraja is the name given to the characters... Corporal Reyes, not very fine, it is true, becomes " the idiot " and Elena, wife of Zorro, " the dancer ".

Figures are plastic hard and on the scale of 35 mm. These figures, inserted into a chocolate egg, were offered by 3 (See picture).

But the question that everybody ask is always the same: " what is the name of the horse of Zorro?

The box, french version
Elena (Dancer)
Sgt Garcia
Caporal Reyes