Kings of France
This very rare reedition of Kings and Captains date of 1995. It is the brand " Truffaut " who will order 250 series the Company Effigie, one of the old owners of the brand Mokarex (for alll figures and documents).
Many thanks to mister Jacques Carlux that we know this series. This person worked at Truffaut and it is even him who placed order of these figures.
Besides Kings and Captains, this society will also make the request of certain couples of the " French provinces in 54 mm " among which not products by Mokarex but engraved in thevperiod by the latter and called wrongly: " Bret' hist " (First buyer of figures Mokarex).
These figures, always white, are plastic hard and very fragile. The molding is very good on the other hand. We can see even exceptionally the small cross on Charlemagne's crown.
Clotaire 1er
Louis XI
François 1er
Charles IX
Henri III
Henri IV
Louis XIV
Louis XV
Napoléon 1er