After the perception of the pajamas with blues stripes, double cotton, it was the hour to settle down in front of its screen Radiola and to look at the Magic Roundabout, stemming from the last technology of period!
This Series livened up, created by Serge Danot, was born in October, 1964 and account 500 episodes translated into 28 languages.

Figures are among 16. They take out in 1968 to Portugal under the brand of ice creams MEXICAN WAVE (who will become Unilever afterward).
In 1976, It's the American brand of biscuits Nabisco (National Biscuit Company) which also takes out the series but this time in 17 colors + the painted series.

To complete the series, Nabisco "offers", for 50 Pounds, the small train and some decorations made by Airfix with bond to pass by England. Airfix will make and this time for its account, a small plastic circuit. It's a pity nobody did not think of making a merry-go-round!

Do not confuse with the American Series taken out to Kellogg in 1970 (soon available on this site), which is anyway different but resembling.

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