Egypt army 1801
Lancer of Mulhouse 1828
Hussar 1806
Dragon 1812
Hunter of Africa 1832
Hussar of Damas
Hunter 1812
Primo version
Logeais version
Maybe it is the most curious series but that gives her all her charm.
The only certainty is to date 1960. They're seven, the engraving and the molding are very summary, sometimes a big plume, sometimes a small on the same model, the riders go from Napoleon 1st to the death of the Eaglet in 1832.
It's likely that the Margarine Excel is at the origin of these figures, being the biggest brand among four others and knowing that Firstly realized only occasions.
The Excel versions and François (produced stranger) are gilded, the version of the Café Logeais is silvered and that of thewashing powder Primo is white.
We perceive on the advertising (picture below) about ten parts, but closer we guess , they're the same.
The cavalry in 19th century
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