Calimero! This poor small black chick who made the whole world cry... This series of 20 figures dates 1996. His manufacturing is Italian, plastic flexible and of a scale of 20 in 25mm.
It was offered by candies Ricard Team. This brand strictly has nothing to do with the aniseed drink of the same name. Very rare are the series on the theme of Caliméro and that... It is really too inequitable
Did you know? Caliméro is a character created by the brothers Pagot in 1962 for needs advertising executive of the washing powder Ava. It is black it is because it falls in the mud to his birth and the washing powder will return her its yellow color.
The concept of the small unlucky black chick is adapted for the television series of the 70s. His name comes from the Basilica San Calimero to Milan, where got married one of the creators.
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