The coffee Scarpia republishes all the series of the pedestrians by adding it 6 other references. Five Thierry la Fronde and the famous Prior.

The mystery of the Prior: the size of the figurine is similar to the series of origin and less big than 5 Thierry Scarpia. For reasons of manufacturing, figures are often produced in an even number. With the Prior, the series would thus have to count 23 characters (that follows behind?), BUT the planned English soldier does not exist, what would have made 24 references. He is likely light the error that they decided to remove the Prior, the least important character of all.

Scarpia by having only 5, the sixth was quite found. The mould being he loan, it stayed in Scarpia to produce it besides the others and to engrave it of their brand.

Thanks to Marie-Pierre and Pascal that we were able to know that Codec is not the first one " rééditor ". One thank you in these Passionate big possessing a surprising management of arrangement!