This series on Babar is of unknown origin. Eight are listed and the characters can be of different color. They are " plastic exfoliates " Glup's way of Esso. It dates 1969, dates the first appearance on the TV of Babar.

A runway nevertheless. Under our favorite elephant is engraved on 1969 THR. These initials could belong to the American Publishing company Random House (equivalent of Hachette in France), which published, among others in this period, books on Babar for the children. But what is also important is the C , what we call the Copyright. Indeed, this mention is Anglo-Saxon and does not exist for France, which adopts it, the "Copyright". When we find these initials on an article which was distributed in France, it is that the object in question is also planned for a country adopting the Copyright.
These figures are excessively rare in France and this day, no advertising or packaging were found. It is possible that their manufacturing is French but that the distribution was planned for another country, what would explain their rarity. But warning, it stays in the field of the hypothesis.

Sometimes attribute this series to Antar (French company). But this base is only established on testimonies. An other one thus tracks.
This notebook published by Random House, also brought out in France, dates 1969.
It was sold in a box with 3 others.