Gestures here are Sirs, which you know and have a practice as soon as you can.......... eh! Allo???

This magnificent half-round series works consists of 10 references, quite dedicated to the romanticism and to the gallantry in 18th century.

German names it: "Rokoko". We often find it with some lacks due to problems of injection of subject. They are more extremely fragile.

The figure is alive, the movement is precise, the delicacy is represented well.

Advise: to make the kiss on the hand, to you to bend as high as the tense hand and not touch with lips! Make this gesture approximately 1 hour before a match, That works !

The Romanticism
Official walk
Walk in th countryside
The fruit basket
Declare his flame
Orchestra 1
Orchestra 1
Orchestra 1
Orchestra 2
Invitation in the dance
Small dance steps
Walk in forest
Massage of the ankle