Afghan hound
Woolly poodle
Black frizzy poodle
Poodle cords
Den Airedale
Irish Blue den
Den Bedlington
Sheep dogs of Flanders
Basset Griffon
The Dogs
Schnauzer dwarf
Belgian shepherd
Den Fox
smooth hair
Griffon of stop
Den Toy
Deutch shepherd
of Auvergne
Setter Breton
Den Sealyham
Hound of
Braque italien
Setter Gordon
Black Cocker
Maltese bichon
Hound of Beauce
Terre Neuve
Dwarf Loulou
of Pomeranie
Den Scottish
Scotish shepherd
Welsh Corgi
Deutch Bouvier
Swerg Pinscher
Irish Setter
French Teckel Wire-haired
Danish Arlequin
shepherd of
Blue Basset
Dog of Léonberg
Den Fox
English Teckel
French Spaniel
Braque of Weimar
Den Yorkshire
Den Bull
Series of 48 figures representing a wide panel of the best man's best friend. Tail of certain references are extremely fragile.
The race is engraved on one of the sides of the base and the brand, on its opposite. This series was hand resumed times and notemment by the Chicorée Williot, the Biscuits Pernot, The chocolate Salavin, the butter "Premier"and the cheese "Petit Patapon".
Know finally that "Val de Saone" chose to take out this series, this department being very specialized in the canine breeding.