And for some figures furthermore...

During two years, on 1954 and 1955, The Café LEGAL , puts itself in the diapason of the figure by taking out the unforgettable series of the cowboys and the Indians.

As for the other brands, the produced quantity is unknown in the same way as the other marks, it's a big mystery of the advertising figure there.

The most important and the most known series, number one, contains 64 figures but 60 references, the numbers from 49 to 52 being duplicated. This hard plastic series will be of color silver but also gilt and wine-coloured.

The diverse types of identifications are engraved on and under the base:

The mention LEGAL, the number and the name of the character. - idem without the number and idem just with "Café Legal".

The first series much less fine, it consists of 12 or 13 characters with a very fragile flat base

The flexible plastic occasions: Bonux (golden and red), Danone (grey, thick base), Codec (grey, golden and purple) and Francine ( gilt).

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